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St. Andrew Society of Colorado

Heritage Fund

The SASC Heritage Fund was established in 2010 to create a perpetual endowment fund for the SASC whereby, at some point in the future, our endeavors throughout the community could be largely supported by this Fund.  The Heritage Fund is a Trust, managed by the Community First Foundation of Colorado; which matches any and all contributions at 20% to 25%, depending on the amount of donations received, up to a maximum match of $10,000 each year.

The Community First Foundation is a professional organization that manages over $400M in trusts for a variety of non-profit organizations throughout Colorado.  In addition to their matching grant, they provide fundraising, promotion and other support.  The Community First Foundation also solicits and accepts tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations that they then use to fund their matching grants.  Additionally, they hold an annual “Colorado Gives” event, whereby non-profits within their portfolio can provide information and solicit donations from a variety of contributors.

Our Heritage Fund Trust is perpetual, meaning that any distributions from the trust will never exceed an amount that could reduce the principal.  Each year, if we so elect, the Foundation will allow up to 4% of the amount of the trust to be distributed to the organization for use as we see fit.   In this manner, our Heritage Fund is being both professionally managed, and our endowment is ensured against misuse or over-withdrawal.

We are happy to accept any and all contributions, and every donation, no matter how small, does make a difference.  You can also set up a mechanism to make regular, monthly or annual contributions.   Additionally, members can remember the SASC Heritage Fund in their estate planning.

Won’t you help us by making a donation of any size, to ensure that our Society is secure both today, and for the future?  Donations are tax deductible; can be made out to the SASC Heritage Fund and sent to the Executive Director below; or you can also make donations by following the donation links via PayPal.

For further information, contributions, ideas and thoughts; please contact:

Larry Hay
Executive Director
SASC Heritage Fund
10601 Timberdash Ave.
Highlands Ranch, CO  80126

You can learn more about the Community First Foundation at their website:


*Monthly and Annual Donation requires a PayPal account.